Becoming Engine30

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Becoming Engine30

becoming engine 30 excerpt

My Top 5 Engine30 Moments

Our daily scrums might be a thing of the past, but as evidenced in the stories on this site, Engine30 is a living, breathing newsroom that continues to present content, […]

Arting in L.A.

At first, I though the invitation to join Engine30 had been a result of manatees pushing around application balls, but upon confirmation, I learned that, in fact, the decision was a […]

Faces of Engine30

2012 Getty Arts Journalism Program Fellows USC Grad Students Instructors FELLOWS BARBARA BOGAEV is the host and producer of public radio’s Soundprint Documentary Series. She hosted the national news and culture […]

Documenting The Making of #Engine30

We documented the making of Engine30 in real time through social media. You can see our full media streams on Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. We’ve also captured some of […]

Tweets I wish I’d Tweeted

Engine30 on Social Media

This is Engine30’s Community

Journalism is no longer merely a broadcast medium. Any story starts with sources, and who those sources are is a result of many factors – editorial choices, people who were available […]

Becoming Engine30

becoming engine 30 excerpt