Contested Spaces

It starts with someone writing on a wall. Art? Vandalism? A sign? READ MORE

Contested Spaces

It starts with someone writing on a wall. Art? Vandalism? A sign?

Help Restore A Jackson Pollock!

Jackson’s Pollock’s 1943 landmark painting, “Mural,” is currently being restored in the conservation lab at the J. Paul Getty Museum and the restorers have a problem. The painting was uniformly covered with a […]

LA Street Art Goes Global

Street art has traditionally been hyperlocal – a space for homegrown artists to (sometimes illegally) express themselves within the urban fabric of their city. Street art has always been a […]

Nate Page on the Conflict Between Public and Private Space

Los Angeles-based artist Nate Page’s work blurs the line between public and private space. His recent show, “Storefront Plaza,” at Machine Project in Echo Park brought the building’s façade 20 […]

Mark Allen on Making Private Spaces Public

Mark Allen is the founder and director of Machine Project, an art and performance space in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles that “hosts events about all kinds of […]

Ricky Guerrero on Keeping Graffiti Legal

Ricky Guerrero believes taggers are artists. In 2006, he founded Graff Lab in the Pico-Union district near Downtown LA, which gives taggers a safe, legal place to paint and teaches […]

Muralist Aaron Noble on Choosing the Right Wall

Aaron Noble is the co-founder of the Clarion Alley Mural Project in San Francsico, where he was the director from 1996 to 2001. Noble, who recently moved to Los Angeles, […]

Joe Thomas of LA CAN on Gardening in Downtown LA

Joe Thomas works as a gardener at the Los Angeles Community Action Network, LA CAN. As a part of “Team Food”, he grows vegetables on a rooftop on Main Street, […]

Your Space. My Space. Public Space?

Why has recent political debate over what is public and what is private become so intense? How do connections between individuals, communities and environments affect innovation and creativity? How are cultural producers inspired by the activities and obstacles encountered in daily life? We asked a handful of artists and community leaders to talk about the changing intersection between public and private spaces.

Looking for Mr Rushcha

Looking for Mr Rusha By Anne Maria Nicholson My journey from ethical journalist to copyright pirate was astonishingly swift.  Before I could stop myself, I was bending the rules, photographing […]

Identifying Contested Spaces with Digital Tools

I had one personal goal for the Engine 30 fellowship: I wanted to get lightning-fast at using data visualization tools. When you work alone at home, as I do most […]