My Top 5 Engine30 Moments

By Enrique Limón

Our daily scrums might be a thing of the past, but as evidenced in the stories on this site, Engine30 is a living, breathing newsroom that continues to present content, pose questions and [hopefully] enlighten minds well past our tenure at the L.A. Athletic Club.

The experience of Engine30 fellow is certainly unique. Here are some of my highlights:

5. Being inside a John Lautner-designed home

4. Experiencing Michael Govan’s LACMA

Director of Los Angeles County Museum of Art

3. Having the Norton Simon all to ourselves…with a John Walsh personal tour to boot!

2. The view from the Engine30 rooftop

1. Getting to hang out with these fine folks:

Images by: Erin Leiker, Anne Maria Nicholson, Enrique Limón, Oscar Puffelis & Suzi Steffen. 

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