Help Restore A Jackson Pollock!

By Miles Lightwood

Jackson’s Pollock’s 1943 landmark painting, “Mural,” is currently being restored in the conservation lab at the J. Paul Getty Museum and the restorers have a problem. The painting was uniformly covered with a glaze at some point in its life, and the conservators can’t tell what the authentic colors and reflectivity are. Prior to having the glaze applied, the painting hung in Peggy Guggenheim’s townhouse and gallery, the University of Iowa painting studio, and the Museum of Modern Art. The conservators have been unable to locate early images of the painting’s edges and specularity (highlights reflected off the paint), and now Engine30 is stepping-in to crowd-source the needed photos.

Do you have a photograph of “Mural” taken before the 1960s? Conservators want to talk with you! Fill out the form below. Better yet, attach your image and we’ll pass it on and publish it here.

You can see what pictures have been submitted at our Help Restore Pollock’s “Mural” Pinterest board.

Or submit your photo below:

The Great Pollock Photo Hunt

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